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Two Prophetic Updates: President Trump Is Coming Back! And Soon!


I love what Steve and Paul are doing over at ElijahStreams by introducing their new channel, Elijah Clips!

It’s perfect.

Steve, brilliant move brining Paul on board.

And Paul, fantastic work out of you!

Honestly, you look and sound like a new man compared to some of those old videos you posted about a month ago down in the dumps.

This is a wonderful combination of talents and we are all loving the shorter clips.

Which means I can bring you short 10 minute clips from prophetic voices appearing on ElijahStreams and we can jump right to the important parts instead of an hour and 30 minute video that not all of us have time to watch.

So today I bring you two really powerful prophetic voices who are both saying the same thing in different ways: President Trump is returning to the Presidency very soon and it’s going to be 100% a move of God that makes it happen!

I think my favorite comment from both videos was when the guy said that in the vision God gave him, the very first thing out of President Trump’s mouth in his first speech after retaking the Presidency was giving Glory and Honor to God for making it happen!


Can you imagine the kind of fire we are going to see from President Trump if he returns with his same wit and brash boldness but also fully empowered by the Holy Spirit?

It’s going to be BIBLICAL!

Watch the first clip here:

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