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Trump Gets Final Win Over Florida Town As Attorney Rules He Can Legally Live At Mar-a-Lago


Palm Beach Town Attorney John Randolph issued his final ruling in the long-running battle between former President Donald Trump and the wealthy town in Trump’s favor. Trump has been feuding with some of the less tolerant members of the Palm Beach community for going back close to 20 years. It started over the size of a flag.

The fight ended with Trump telling them all to go pound sand and they watched in horror as he turned Mar-a-Lago into a club with much less stringent membership requirements than the old guard liked. 

Some who still harbor a grudge thought they found a loophole in his agreement with the town to stop him from living at Mar-a-Lago when he left office. He has another mansion down the road, but Trump didn’t back down and fought them.

It dragged on for months but now it is official – Trump beat them again. Randolph decided that Trump’s agreement doesn’t specifically prohibit him from living at the club.

Randolph said private clubs can provide living quarters to a “bona fide employee” and after looking at the evidence he concluded that Trump is a bona fide employee of Mar-a-Lago.

From Palm Beach Daily:

Neighbors and others who wanted the town to block Trump from living at his Palm Beach club had used the 1993 agreement as a clear argument for why he couldn’t reside there.

West Palm Beach lawyer Reginald Stambaugh, who represents Trump’s neighbors, tried to convince the council in December that Trump’s living at Mar-a-Lago would violate that agreement as well as pose security concerns and devalue surrounding properties. 

Trump, who has been living at his Palm Beach club since leaving the White House Jan. 20, is expected to head to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to spend the summer, according to multiple media reports.

The former president has been a regular summer visitor to the club since the mid-2000s, and this summer will mark his first as an ex-president.

He is expected to head there some time after Mar-a-Lago hosts its final brunch of the social season on Sunday, which marks Mother’s Day.

Following that event, the club will close its main house for the summer, with plans to reopen in the fall.

In a letter to members, Mar-a-Lago said it will keep its Beach Club open through July 4, while spa services and the gym will be available through May 30. Tennis and croquet play will continue through May 31.


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