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Sidney Powell: SECOND Inauguration Day Coming!


Music to my ears!

And yours too, I’m sure.

Check out this short clip from Sidney Powell which is just plain awesome!

Look at her sitting there calm, cool and collected as if she’s got the entire world by the tail.

As if she has the ELECTION FRAUD by the tail.

Sorry, check that….

We have a rule around here: it’s not “election fraud” it’s called TREASON.

We have to call it what it is.

This is just my opinion and pure speculation on my part, but I’ve been watching Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and Lin Wood and they each appear unusually calm and confident…..and it leads me to believe they’ve already got this thing wrapped up.

Again, just my reading between the lines.

Watch and see if you agree.

Here is Sidney Powell explaining how a SECOND Inauguration Day may very well be coming soon.

Powell talks about the precedent for overturning fraudulent elections and how President Trump may simply be “reinstated” very soon.

Watch here on Rumble:

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  • I believe those who control Biden should be imprisoned for treason. Biden doesn’t have the capacity to know better. He just needs to be put away.

    Kristene Halverson
  • This rancher loves TRUMP!!!!!

    Larry Urton
  • It couldn’t happen soon enough the longer Biden’s in there the more our country suffers and that’s the bottom line

    Benjamin Laboy
  • I keep hearing “should” from her. How about “this will definitely happen?”

    Kimberly Peters
  • Federal marshals need to inform Biden to turn himself in for his TREASON SEDITION AND ATTEMPTED COUP on our elected president TRUMP harris and PELOSI need to follow him for the same reason!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

    Paul varble

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