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WW3 Scare? CCP Threatens to Nuke Japan If It Interferes in Taiwan Conflict

The world was put on notice when the CCP made a daunting threat against Japan.

If Japan interferes with the CCP’s imperialistic plans to “liberate” Taiwan, the CCP threatened to use nuclear weapons against them.

In doing so, the “Japan Exception Theory” was coined.

The CCP reiterated Japan is the exception for not using nuclear weapons first.


This warning was issued in a now-deleted video from a YouTube-like platform called Xigua.

Here’s a clip from the deleted video:


Clearly, the CCP feels more emboldened to threaten its neighbors and take Taiwan by any means necessary.

And a conflict between China & Japan would surely entangle many of the world’s largest military forces.

So, a nuclear threat from the CCP isn’t something to take lightly.

We’ve already witnessed what the CCP did to Hong Kong.

And the same is expected for Taiwan in the near future.

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