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The Patriot Party Is Here!

In January of 2020 Donald Magyar filed trademarks for the name "Patriot Party". He is holding the domain name and all trademarks tied to the name "Patriot Party" for Donald Trump and his team to use, you can see his message on the website

After all the corruption we have seen during the 2020 Election, there has never been a better time to start this party and both parties are terrified. I know what your thinking, a third party would never work with how the system is set up but hear me out.

 Normally a third party jumping into the system would not work but President Trump is anything but normal. If Trump really wanted to he has enough money to fund the start of the party himself, let alone the financial support he would get from the voters. If Trump were to leave the Republican Party most, if not all of the 75 million voters would leave with him. The young upcoming conservative representatives would gladly leave the old corrupt rhinos and join Donald Trump in the Patriot Party. Also with the actions of the radical left in just the first few days there is no telling how many voters will be jumping ship to join Trump and the Patriot Party.

This would be the death of the corrupt Republican party that is too scared to stand up to the Democrats. The Patriot Party would be a Party of strength, integrity and most importantly AMERICA!

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  • I’m in. I already left the weak GOP. They didn’t do a damn thing to hold #CorruptDemocrats accountable.

  • I’m in. I already left the weak GOP. They didn’t do a damn thing to hold #CorruptDemocrats accountable.

  • I’m all for President Trump, iv been supporting him all the way, we need him to finish draining the swamp, I just pray an hope that he finds away to make it work before its to late, as we all can see this country is in a world of hurt with sleepy joe an his Posse. They will kill us.

  • LOVE our President MR. TRUMP, stand behind him 100%. Thank you for all that you have done for us, Prayers for your health and safety for you and your Family. God Bless ! WE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU.

    Ralph M Hankins
  • The time is right for a third party and Donald Trump is the right man to get it organized.

    Joseph Doherty

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