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Ted Cruz Proposes Term Limits

Ted Cruz has reintroduced an amendment to the constitution that would limit the amount of time law makers can legally serve. 

This would limit senators to 2 six year terms and representatives to 2 three year terms.

Cruz said' " The rise of political careerism in today's congress is a sharp departure from what the founders intended for our federal governing bodies, I have long called for this solution for the brokenness of Washington, D.C., and I will continue fighting to hold career politicians accountable."

He also went on to say, " Every year, congress spends billions of dollars on giveaways for the well-connected. Washington insiders get taxpayer money and members of congress get re-elected, all while the system fails the American people."

This is the third time Cruz has introduced an amendment to impose term limits. Before the election, Democrats loved floating this idea when Amy Coney Barrett was being nominated to the Supreme Court by Trump. Let's see what they think of the idea this time.

Make sure you contact your state senators and make sure they know you want them to pass Ted Cruz's resolution on term limits.

*Check out the great video below detailing the amendment from Guns & Gadgets.

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  • About time.

    Patricia Louise Kelly
  • In my opinion Joe Biden it’s not a elected president who was put in office by the rich and Powerful… he was sworn in early which all of us know you can’t have two presidents at one time Donald J Trump is still our president.. any Republicans not backing this will be remembered next election and will be voted out of office… not only should the people stick together with this the Republican Party should stay United……

    Donnie gusler
  • Congress should also contribute to and be a part of the social security system. There should be no congressional retirement system and salaries should be equivalent to what we blue collar workers receive. Additionally if they fail to show up or miss a session their pay should be docked just as ours should. They should be subject to the same laws and standards they constituents are required to follow as well as being unable to perform insider trading. Serving in office for the American people used to be a privilege and an honor. Many of them have taken advantage of that privilege and dishonored those who elected them.

    David O. Black
  • How do we get this on the ballot so we can vote on it???

    Bull Pursley
  • And needs to have in there NO CONTINUATION OF PAY ONCE LEFT POSITION.

    Barbra Creech

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