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Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell: Crooked Establishment Stole $50 MILLION!

We all know that the establishment runs and deep in D.C. and there is no real battle between Republicans and Democrats but is actually the people verse the establishment. But they love to use the media to push Republicans and Democrats against each other.

So It should come as no surprise what Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell just told us: the RNC stole $50 million dollars and did JACK SQUAT to help President Trump or our country or to do something basic like finding and stopping voter fraud! 

Check this out from my friends over at The Gateway Pundit:

On November 11, 2020, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told FOX News the party had collected over 500 sworn affidavits on 11,000 instances of voter fraud. The party said it was raising money to fight the fraud.

But the RNC did nothing to fight the fraud.

On Tuesday morning Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell went off on the worthless RNC and their refusal to look into the voter fraud of the 2020 election.

Steve Bannon: Ladies and Gentleman, right now when the RNC thing comes in the mail, take it, take a photograph from your phone and then go throw it in your trash or go burn it in your front yard. And, by the way, they’re sitting on $50 million, I’ll tell you another secret that we will be getting in on the days and weeks ahead. They’re sitting on $50 million. Specifically about this effort. Have they come forward to support anything in Arizona or anything. Instead of coming to you and wanting checks, have they said Mike, we’ve got some resources, maybe we can help out here. Have they offered any resources to you, whatsoever sir?

Mike Lindell: No, but they sure used a lot of the, in November and December, to reach out and get money. ‘Hey we’re investigating this. Donate now.’ and all this. When you use something for cause and then you’re sitting on it, you better use it for the cause. Especially now. If they are sitting on that kind of money they should be pouring money at it. It’s the most important thing there is.

Republican voters are getting TIRED of these turncoats and weaklings who say one thing, do nothing, and turn their back and allow the Marxist horde to destroy this great nation!


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  • Agreed 100% we all need to stop paying taxes! NOW!! If you truly want your country out of the toilet? then ull do this now……“Stop complying to anything that administration pushes” and STAY AWAY from that SHOT!! If someone will bribe you to take something, don’t that send up ANY red flags people??

    Buck Parnell
  • How to fight this WASTE? STOP PAYING TAXES.
    But do save it when they do get off their THIEVING BUTTS.
    WE THE PEOPLE are their boss, not them over us.


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