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Should AOC Meet The Baker Act?


Checkout the short video below of AOC telling her supporters that she is being  accosted by the FOX News "goals" who are out to get her by reporting on the news.

Calling the anchors at FOX "teleracists" and saying they are attacking her by asking questions from a news story covered the night before. 

Do questions become attacks when they a framed in a news story AOC wants covered?

I think it has become increasingly clear that AOC has become mentally unstable and should definitely be mentally evaluated.

When a person thinks the world is out to get them there is a serious problem.


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  • Patriots are not going to let you destroy our country like you have been.

    James Burrow
  • She is a moron , I hear she didn’t know how to make a shot and a beer.

    Francis Buonadonna

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