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Progressive Billionaire George Soros Commits $500M To Private College In NY

Far-left billionaire George Soros has committed $500 million to a private liberal arts college in New York that seeks to enrich “democratic discourse by training tomorrow’s thought leaders.”

Bard College announced that the donation is a “gift” and described it as “among the largest ever made to higher education in the United States.”

The university said the funding “will facilitate and strengthen Bard’s exemplary educational and social initiatives, establish the College’s most substantial endowment ever, and set the stage for a $1 billion endowment drive.”

“This is the most historic moment since the college’s founding in 1860,” said Bard College President Leon Botstein. “When this endowment drive is complete, Bard will have a $1 billion endowment, which will ensure its pioneering mission and its academic excellence for the future.”

So why does this matter? Well, there are two main reasons.

First, Botstein serves on the Global Board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations international grantmaking network, where his responsibilities include reviewing and advising all of the programs and entities within the organization.

OSF’s website credits Botstein for guiding “Bard’s innovative liberal arts BA program in New York state prisons” and writing a book that “is the basis for acclaimed public high school reforms” in several major U.S. cities, including Baltimore, New York, and Washington, D.C.

He is also chancellor of the Open Society University Network (OSUN), a global partnership of educational institutions.


The school’s ties to Soros have drawn scrutiny for several years as some critics have likened Bard College to OSF’s education arm, Botstein’s website says.

“Bard has played an innovative and progressive role in American education without any historical wealth,” said Botstein. “It will continue to do so with this new and highly competitive endowment, to ensure equity in financial aid, reform the relationship between higher education and secondary education, promote international education, and defend the arts, humanities, and basic science as the essence of liberal arts.”

Secondly, it’s another example of how Soros is trying his best to fund liberal leaders to take over and run every facet of people’s lives.

He funds left-wing district attorneys so they have power over communities and what crimes they choose to prosecute.

Soros also pumps millions and millions of dollars to “sway” elections, colleges, and everything else further to the political Left.

A group funded by Soros funneled $300,000 into the crucial Georgia runoff elections to support Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

The Democracy PAC, a super PAC founded by Soros, also reportedly infused $1.5 million into “Black PAC,” a radical progressive political committee that pushes African Americans to the polls for Democrats.

It’s clear to most that this is causing mass division.


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