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Pelosi Refuses To Answer Questions On Why She Is Demanding NG Until The Fall

Lisa McClain (R-MI) did an interview on Fox News recently and disclosed that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is demanding the National Guard troops stay in the Capitol until the fall.

McClain said her and others have sent letters to Pelosi asking why there is the need for NG troops in the Capitol still and into the fall. Pelosi has refused to answer any of the questions from fellow colleagues in Congress on the issue.

Weird. I thought only the president commanded the military, I never knew that the Speaker of the House could demand troops around the way she does after calling them all "storm troopers." Makes you wonder who the real president is behind the scenes.

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  • What happened to gun control. They sure have plenty of them around the their Capital !!!

  • I don’t care what they do. Our President won’t ever go back to that capital. Thats their capital. They need to get their own troops from inside that DC wall.
    Get our troops out of there. Back to their families.

    Kenneth Twiddy

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