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Nancy Pelosi Open to Overturning Republican Win in Iowa District


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Thursday that she was open to a “scenario” in which the Democrat-run House of Representatives would overturn a close Republican win in Iowa’s second congressional district.

Pelosi, addressing reporters during her weekly press conference, was asked whether she could “see a scenario” in which Democrats would unseat Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks (R-IA), who won by six votes, and replace her with Democrat Rita Hart.

Hart, who chose not to pursue legal options in Iowa but rather to appeal to the House directly under the Federal Contested Elections Act, claims that there are some 22 ballots that were not counted that show her as the winner.

The Federal Contested Elections Act allows the House to decide close congressional races on its own, beyond the courts.

Hart is represented by Democrat lawyer Marc Elias, who helped fund the fraudulent “Russia dossier” in the 2016 election and was Democrats’ leading lawyer in the 2020 election, suing in several states to overturn exiting election laws and rules.

After resisting the question as “hypothetical,” Pelosi said Thursday: “Well, I respect the work of the committee. I did see, as you saw in the press, what they decided to  — and they were following my, as I read it, the requirements of the law as to how you go forward. And how you go forward is the path you’re on and we’ll see where that takes us. But there could be a scenario to that extent. Yes.”

If the House voted to unseat Miller-Meeks in favor of Hart, it would be the first time since 1985 that it had done so. That episode, in which the Democrat-run House voted to replace a Republican, was widely blamed for creating the increased partisanship that has lasted until today.

Democrats have referred to Republicans who contested the 2020 presidential election results as treasonous.

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  • Pelosi doesn’t speak for the American people, She speaks for herself and her Radical far left, and should be removed as Speaker of the house…….

    Veachel Peters
  • Remove Pelosi now she is destroying our country!!

    Mary Carroll
  • Remove pelosi from congress

    Terry Godsey

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