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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Gives Fiery Pro-America Speech That Is Breaking The Internet


North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson gave a fiery pro-America speech at North Carolina’s GOP 2021 State Convention on Saturday.

Robinson, who aims to run for governor of North Carolina in 2024, believes that knowing “God is first” is the only way to accomplish goals in the nation, states, or houses, and that this is the only way to build communities. He said that sacrifice and service are also important principles of the Republican Party.

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“I remember I made this particular liberal so angry at me because I told ‘em right to their face, ‘Nobody owes you anything for slavery.’ If you want to tell the truth about it, it is you who owes, it’s you who owes, why do you owe? Because somebody in those fields took strikes for you,” Robinson said.

“There are people in their graves right now and they are there because they were willing to stand up and fight for you!”Robinson continued.

Robinson went on to specifically mention ex-NFL quarterback and controversial National Anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick, telling a story of civil rights demonstrators carrying American flags as they marched over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on “Bloody Sunday” in the 1960s.

When confronted with violent beatings by police who had been dispatched to the bridge by the Democrat political machine that governed Alabama at the time, the marchers never let the flags fall to the ground, according to Robinson.

“Those folks on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, carrying American flags – take that Colin Kaepernick! – living in a society that he could scarcely acknowledge, something he has never known, living with a bigotry that none of us could imagine, carried American flags on that bridge,” said Robinson.

“And when they were hit upside the head with nightsticks, and shot with water hoses and knocked to the ground, they got up and picked those flags up and kept marching. And they did it for you! Nobody owes you anything! If anybody owes it’s you! Because you’ve been the benefactor of freedom!”

“So, how much do you owe?” Robinson questioned before emphasizing that the debt owed to America’s forefathers can only be paid back by upholding the great American legacy of self-reliance, self-determination, and hard labor.

“You owe it to them to get up off your tail and get to school. And when you get to school you owe it to them to get up off your tail at school and get to work and get some learning in your head. And once you get that schooling in your head and get out of that school you owe it to them to get to work. And when you get to work and you get married you owe it to them to take care of your children! And not let the government take care of your children!” Robinson stated.

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