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Is Nancy Pelosi Getting Ready To Invoke The 25th Amendment?

 Checkout the short video below from N3 that shows President Biden's mental decline and that Pelosi already has the 25th amendment ready to go when the time is right.

But who honestly didn't see this coming though? It's really disgusting how the radical left used Biden to push their agenda and now they are ready to pass him off as soon they can. 

This is a perfect example of how the left doesn't care about anyone but themselves and will do anything to see their agenda come to life.

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  • They all need to be impeached not just joe Biden. They will all destroy America. They already are little by little

  • I agree the whole lot of them need to be removed.

    John Ennis
  • What they did in fraudulently putting in Biden was ridiculous. To get rid of Trump, a fine President and putting this man. Is immoral.

    Anne Quigley
  • Most of the entire left liberal Democrats in high positions need to be impeached !
    Joe Biden
    Kamala Harris
    Nancy Pelosi
    Chuck Schumer
    Jerry Nader

    Wesley Johnson
  • Impeach Pelosi

    Theodore Cochran

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