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Greece Is Prepping For An Afghan “Refugee” Invasion

Nations across the globe are concerned, and rightly so…..

We all remember what happened the last time they tried to flood Europe with migrants, I have been talking about this a lot lately because I think that D.C. Democrats want to flood The U.S. and Europe with these Afghan refugees.

It’s the only conceivable way they could have knowingly botched a withdrawal so badly, but hey I could be wrong—they might actually be that incompetent.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in helping people, and my heart does go out to everyone impacted by this, but we all know that the goal of deep state officials and globalist tyrants is not to help people, they’re trying to destabilize countries.

We all know this is what they are attempting to do, it has become so obvious that even mainstream outlets are reporting on the dangers, preparation, and likelihood of it happening:

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