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GOP Presents Bill to Crack Down on Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes

Anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish sentiment is unfortunately on the rise in the United States. As a result of overseas conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, Jewish people here in America are feeling the impacts. 

Democrats are at least partially responsible for the anti-Semitic attacks that have plagued various cities over the past couple weeks. Leftists in Congress, for instance, openly oppose Israel, even going as far as to brand Israel an “apartheid state.” 

Meanwhile, Democrats and leftist organizations alike have come out in favor of Palestine. Rhetoric has consequences, especially when it comes from political officials. 

What to Know About the Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Legislation 

GOP Rep. David Kustoff along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy brought forth the Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act. This piece of legislation takes a very clear stance against the current anti-Semitic hate crimes that have materialized as of late. 

Under the Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act, the U.S. attorney general would be mandated to take several critical steps. These steps include putting out detailed guidance regarding anti-Semitic hate crimes, removing the ten-year maximum penalty for hate crimes, and carrying out a prioritized review of hate crimes fueled by anti-Semitism. 

Senate GOP members are also working to get a version of the Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act into the upper congressional chamber as well. 

Radio Silence from the Democrat Party

Democrats continue to remain relatively silent about their part in fueling anti-Semitism. President Biden, days ago, gave a lackluster speech regarding anti-Semitism; however, the 46th president also remains in flagrant denial about the role that his own party is playing in anti-Jewish sentiment and attacks. 

What are your views on the Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act? Do you think this bill should draw in support from both the GOP and Democrats alike? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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