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Federal Judge Orders Hillary Clinton To Appear for Deposition


A federal judge on Monday ordered Hillary Clinton to appear for a deposition as part of a lawsuit filed by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, saying in a ruling that the former secretary of state’s written responses so far in the case have “left many more questions than answers” about her decision to use a private email system while in office.

Judge Royce Lamberth also granted Judicial Watch permission to depose Cheryl Mills, a top aide to Clinton at the State Department.

Lamberth first ordered discovery in the lawsuit in December 2018 to determine whether Clinton used a private email system at Foggy Bottom in order to skirt the Freedom of Information Act.

An FBI investigation of Clinton’s private email network showed that she and several top aides sent and received hundreds of emails containing classified information about State Department matters.

The FBI ultimately decided not to recommend that Clinton be charged for mishandling classified information, though former FBI Director James Comey said at a July 5, 2016 press conference that Clinton’s handling of her emails was “extremely careless.”

Clinton has provided written responses to Judicial Watch as part of the lawsuit, but Lamberth said that her answers leave many remaining questions about her decision to use an email server and what she knew about State Department policies regarding FOIA.

“Judicial Watch correctly points out that many questions regarding her understanding of these obligations still remain unanswered,” Lamberth said.

Several reporters filed FOIA requests for Clinton’s State Department emails while she was in office, only to be told that the agency did not have any responsive records.

Clinton did not provide her State Department emails to the agency until late 2014, in response to congressional requests as part of an investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton handed over only around half of the 60,000 emails that were stored on her server. She claimed that the others were private in nature and did not involve State Department business.

Clinton has defended using a private email network, saying that she did it for convenience, and not to evade FOIA. But Lamberth said in his decision that Clinton has yet to fully explain her decision to use the email server.

He said that after reviewing Clinton’s responses in the lawsuit he is handling, as well as a lawsuit in front of Judge Emmet Sullivan, “the Court believes those responses were either incomplete, unhelpful, or cursory at best.”

“Simply put, her responses left many more questions than answers.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton celebrated the decision in a statement.

“Judicial Watch uncovered the Clinton email scandal and we’re pleased that the court authorized us to depose Mrs. Clinton directly on her email conduct and how it impacted the people’s ‘right to know’ under FOIA,” he said.


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  • Why post old failed news that never went anywhere. Either JW just can’t get enough support from the whimpy GOP or JW doesn’t have enough facts to warrant further investigation. Which is it?

  • Well, it felt good for the moment! Now please stop posting OLD articles Prez. They (Dems) seem to get away with everything so why not try ousting this entire adminstration? Surely there must be a way? I uderstand the Supreme Courts do not want to be involved in politics but politics had EVERYTHING to do with each and every Justice being where they are today! When Politics gets so corrupt, the Supreme Court needs to step in to keep them straight and in-line with our laws and Constitution. I blame them for not having enough SPINE to step up to the plate to keep things in check. That’s all they had to do and should do.

  • Too bad this is an old article and it didn’t happen….

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