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Papa Fauci Is Ready To Shut It All Down If We Don't "Listen"

Listen to the lies and fear still being spewed by Fauci and main stream media.

Fauci is invoking fear among people that have taken the experimental jab that their lives will be affected because others aren't getting the vaccine. Meaning masks and shut downs are coming back quickly.

Worse Fauci is literally creating hatred towards people that aren't willing to take the vaccine. Telling people that this group of people is putting the whole world at risk and we could end up creating a much worse situation.

It looks like if the establishment can't cause a civil war over President Trump they are going to attempt to create one using COVID. 

I have never seen a so called doctor go on national tv and belittle over half the population while being rewarded for it. Fauci never once provided any evidence to back up any of his theories. He just continued to spew the same lines that science has proven to be false.

Essentially Fauci is saying line up and get stuck or everyone is back on arrest house until we "learn" to listen.

If this doesn't seem like a last ditch cry for power then I don't know what is.

By the way, I don't want to fail to mention. Fauci is currently under investigation for lying to Congress.


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  • Who died and made Fraud Fauci Emperor of Earth?

    Christopher R Michaud

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