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Did The Media Just Distract Us With Afghanistan To Avoid Durham Report

Well you probably missed the big news because the only thing the media has covered over the last few days is either the chaos in Afghanistan or COVID, but John Durham has dropped a BOMB!

Now the Clinton team is on the run. 

Durham has presented evidence to a grand jury against FBI officials and citizens in the probe into the Russian hoax and arrests are coming!

We all know the Clintons and other Democrats work hand in hand with the mainstream media to push their narrative. Which makes you think was this whole event planned to cover up the release of this information from Durham?

It's really starting to look like that considering even the Taliban said "this victory was unexpected and came sooner than we thought". 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Did Biden just jeopardize American and Afghanistan lives to cover up the release of information from Durham?

And checkout Roman's update from Facts Matter because he is starting to feel the same way.

*In no way are we trying to downplay the horrific events unfolding in Afghanistan, we are simply questioning whether Biden knew and let these events unfold or if the main stream media is playing it on repeat to cover up the Durham probe. 


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  • A distraction to hide their treasonous acts. Both Corrupt parties have more reason to squirm. Why is old Joe keeping a secret abt who has visited the WH from DE. Is it
    connected to The Port of Wilmington and Port Canaveral he and Obama handed to the UAE!

  • No grand juries will ever find any of them guilty, they’ll all be afraid of getting suicided.


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