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DeSantis Rips Into Dem Challenger As ‘A Lockdown Lobbyist’ Who ‘Does Nothing’


During a news conference on Wednesday, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was met with applause as he criticized state Democrat Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who revealed this week that she would run against DeSantis in next year’s gubernatorial race despite being a significant underdog.

“With Nikki Fried now getting into the race to oppose you, do you expect a kind of escalation in the cultural wars?” a reporter asked DeSantis.

“Here’s what I’d say, you know, Nikki Fried has done nothing in office, she does nothing. All she does is a emote on social media, virtue signal to small-dollar donors in California and New York.” DeSantis said.

“She put her face, spent millions of dollars, to put her face on every gas pump across this state purely to boost her own image at your expense as a taxpayer. She’s a lockdown lobbyist. She would have had our kids locked out of school the whole year. She would have had this business shuttered for the whole year. They would be out of business, if Fried were governor.” DeSantis continued.

“So she’s opposed us at every turn. All the good stuff we’ve been able to accomplish for Florida, she opposes it.And I’ve done more I think in my first week as governor than she has done in her entire time in government.” DeSantis concluded. 

Fried has raised concerns earlier this week when she revised two financial disclosure forms just before announcing her candidacy for governor, revealing that she earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed earnings.

Fried has been under criticism for a number of things, including how she received a certification for a medicinal marijuana card plus domestic incidents in which police were involved.

The Tampa Bay Times found, “The first change, a last-minute amendment to her 2018 financial disclosure forms first reported by blog Tallahassee Reports, shows that Fried, 43, changed the amount of annual income she made from her consulting firm Igniting Florida from $72,000 to $351,480 on Friday, May 28, days before she announced that she will seek the Democratic nomination to run for governor against incumbent Ron DeSantis. The form was first amended in January 2020 to reflect the $72,000 income for the first time.”

“Between 2018 and 2019, Fried’s net worth increased from $271,613 to $1,401,563 — almost entirely because her boyfriend, a marijuana investor and the former CEO of one of the largest marijuana companies in Florida, bought her a house,” National Review reported.

“It took her more than a year to admit that, at the time she created a new Cannabis Office and Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, she had a $200,000 ownership stake in publicly traded marijuana company Harvest Health and Recreation Inc. that she had not listed on the previous year’s disclosure forms,” the outlet also found.

Watch the full press conference below:

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