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Dak Prescott On Vaccine Status: “I don’t think that’s relevant…I think that’s HIPPA!”

I was always a Dak Prescott fan but now I am about 100x more!

I have been saying for months now that I don’t understand how anyone can possibly ask for your personal medical history (i.e. vaxx status).

It’s the most obvious HIPPA violation ever.

It’s so funny how as soon as liberals don’t like the way something works it’s like they forget all about it.

Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”?

Are we still doing that?

Because for decades all I ever heard about was “my body, my choice”.

I happen to think that fits very well on choosing whether or not I want to inject my body with an experimental, poison vaxx, no?


For years, the liberals loved to cite to HIPPA, trying to trip up good doctors on technicalities.

Forcing needless and very expensive retrofits to doctors offices and other medical spaces.

But now?

Now when we have the most obvious HIPPA violation of all time….they are nowhere to be found.

At least we have Dak Prescott.

My man, my respect and admiration for you just went through the roof!

Watch here on Rumble:


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