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Could Pelosi Finally Be Going Down?



Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is calling for GOP House leaders to put forward Motion to Vacate the Chair to remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Biggs wrote:

Isn’t it past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House? I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor.

Pelosi recently referred to members of Congress who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.”

Of course, that type of hyperbole has become commonplace among the left and is ever-present under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership.

The left hates President Trump and the Americans who voted for him. In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.

Nor can we forget that she allowed an impeachment proceeding to go forward that was based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The peg on which the left had hung their hat was “Russian collusion.”

This had been accidentally debunked by their chosen attack dogs, the Mueller team of special counsel.

Rather than humbly accepting that they had been wrong, they hubristically doubled down and dragged the president and this country through an impeachment hearing that was unnecessary. And which is now, through the distraction of the COVID outbreak and the tyrannical lockdowns, long forgotten.

The Speaker is willing to show her power against the powerless, who have been shut down by command of the local tyrants for months.

Pelosi’s recent escapade in a San Francisco hair salon conveys the air of elitism that has been the hallmark of her tenure as speaker. That there are many in the media who defend the Speaker is simply one group of powerful elites protecting one of their own: the powerful, elite Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Let’s admit it. Pelosi believed that she was above the law for which she so stridently advocates. She has issued many ridiculous mask edicts in the House of Representatives and used her Democratic Party majority to expand her power to control members.

Having been caught in the salon, she had the sensitivity to realize how bad it looked for her to grant herself permission to violate the law, so she began trying to defend her conduct.

Here is where Pelosi really lost her balance. She blamed everybody but herself.

The whole Hair-dye-gate drama is born of a sense of entitlement and privilege. It is believing that her wants trump other people’s rights.

Frankly, it a narcissistic, authoritarian view.

That Pelosi is willing to crush the business of a single, working mom, by blaming her for her own bad judgment, calls to mind Soviet leaders who made sure they had all of their wants met—plenty to eat, dachas on the lakes — while the rest of society went wanting.

The Speaker is willing to show her power against the powerless, who have been shut down by command of the local tyrants for months.

The Speaker seems to not recognize her own privilege. She is so tone-deaf that earlier this summer she showed off her $20K fridge jampacked with $12 a pint ice cream.

It is hubris to believe sincerely that you are always a special case, as Speaker Pelosi seems to believe. This elitist attitude has been on display by Pelosi’s fellow leftist political leaders, like Michigan Governor Whitmer, who sent her hubby to the lake with the family boat while locking out everyone else. It’s the mayor of Chicago getting her hair done while shutting everyone else down because she’s a public figure and has to maintain her persona.

What about everyone else? Let them eat cake.

Their pride simply says, “I’m better than you.” It is a lack of love and humanity.

For Pelosi to blame the San Francisco salon owner shows vanity that cannot acknowledge what every self-reflective person knows—we make mistakes.

An admission of the mistake would be a sign of contrition and humility—unless one’s pride is so magnificent that such an admission would be perceived, not by the public, but by the individual as a weakness.

And the media mostly draws a curtain around liberal self-interest and tells us to pay no attention to the person behind the curtain.

Many Americans believe in our nation’s exceptionalism, but the left only believes in the exceptionalism of their elite companions. That’s why they demand tolerance while displaying violent intolerance to any with an opposing view.

They justify their vicious and virulent attacks on any who express a different viewpoint. And in the end, it is what justifies any means to reach their desired ends.

Don’t be surprised if Pelosi starts blaming the president for her own mistake in judgment before this story burns itself out.

So, really, isn’t it time to bring the Motion to Vacate the Chair to the floor to remove Speaker Pelosi from her post?

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  • Pelosi and her tribe are a disgrace to our people. They are just plain “evil” ! Waters, Schumer, all of these evil bastards will meet their maker some day, these narcissistic misfits, and rot in hell….

    Debra S Schofield
  • This is the most dispicable, hated person on earth. She is not and has not been anyone who believes in the American people and certainly does nothing to represent anyone but herself and her own interests. She has trampled on our constitution and has insulted hard working Americans. Her comment regarding health care workers during the pandemic showed just how ruthless she is. I have been a nurse for over 30 years and had to watch people did during this horrific time and have lost several co-workers so to have her smugly reply to a simple question about recognizing healthcare workers and her response, “Well we let them work didn’t we”? That is the most disrespectful, crass response I have ever heard and made it clear that she represents or cares for no one but herself. That’s not what a representative does and she has obviously forgotten who pays her. She is a disgrace to our country.

    Carol Dugan
  • Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Shummer, Waters, AOC, the Muslim from Michigan & the list goes on need to be removed. Charges should be filed against them for all the crimes they’ve committed. They all need to be behind real bars.

  • It’s way past time for her and Schumer and several others to be kicke do out of congress or any branch of government. They think they own our congress and our country. Get them out

    Rudene poulette
  • Nancy the “🍸Drunk🍸” Pelosi, needs to be removed, like England was removed by our Forefathers. Grab thy pitchforks, light thy sticks, the Patriots are coming for there Republic….

    Joe Smuck

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