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Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett announced a moment ago that “tens of thousands, shy of 100,000 ballots” have been inspected!

The election workers are inspecting the paper with ultra-violet light.

The leftist media is in attack mode!
They did not let up on Ken Bennett – nonstop media attacks!

From the video–

Maricopa County Judge did not issue a restraining order today. The audit continues.

Arizona’s attorney general has brushed away the state’s top election official’s call for an investigation into possible irregularities in a legislative chamber’s newly begun audit of 2020 election results from the state’s most populous county.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on April 23 cited media reports of security lapses at the audit site and the auditors’ plans to question Maricopa County voters at their homes. But Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich later Friday said Hobbs provided “no facts” to warrant an investigation.

Valid complaints will be investigated, Brnovich wrote Hobbs in a letter. “Any such complaints, however, must be based on credible facts and not conjecture of politics,” he said.


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    Didier Coquard
  • I have watched many hours of the counting and noticed that when one person has to take a personal break, everyone at the table stops and waits for him/her to return. It would be much more efficient if you have people to temporarily replace the person on break to keep the rest of the table busy.

    boyd carter

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