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BREAKING: Arizona Audit Report To Show “HUGE Swings In Numbers”

Later today the AZ audit report will be handed over to the state senate and we are being told the results are earth shattering!

There couldn't be a worse time for Biden and the Democrats as their entire regime is imploding.

Stay tuned as this story will have updates throughout the day as the report is released and the TRUTH is REVEALED!

Will the Democrats try to distract us from seeing the truth by using the media again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • They gave you the results…he lost…again…the sad part about losing this whole election and the followup audit is Trump didn’t just ask for this loss. He begged for it. And you people gave it to him. Time to move on.

  • Hey AZ Senate, give us SOMETHING, tired of these games. The longer you wait the less chance of getting Audits in other States. You have known for A MONTH what the numbers are, so release something TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 20th 2021.


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