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Black Preacher Tells White People How To Respond To The White Supremacy Myth (WATCH)

Pastor Steven Craft slammed critical race theory within the context of Christian biblical teachings.

“We’ve got to find and support and recruit black patriot conservatives. We’ve got to get beyond this mindset that black people are a group, that black people are a group of all liberals. That’s a lie from hell. It’s not true. There are many black conservatives that are patriots that love America, that love this country,” Craft stated.

 “And that will be that will get out there on the front lines to fight these racial issues. The problem is when my precious white brothers and sisters try to go out in front automatically, they label them as racist and white supremacist. But let me tell you, when I tell black people when they start playing into that narrative of white supremacy and I want you all to get this and I want you to practice it. The next time you come up and encounter any black person that tells you that you don’t know what you talking about because America is white supremacist,” Craft continued.

“You tell them black people, those on the left, you tell them you believe in white supremacy? Because obviously, they’re going to say yes. Then you tell them. Well, then the contrast of white supremacy then is black inferiority. Let that sink in for a moment. Because the opposite of supremacy is what? Inferiority. Thank you. Hit em’ with that book. And I’ll guarantee you, they will not agree that blacks are inferior to whites because they’re not,” Reverend Craft answered.

“You know why? Because the Bible says, in Genesis Chapter one and Genesis chapter two, that God created all human beings in His image and after His likeness. And all this mess is people playing on the flesh and people playing on people’s hurt, people’s anger and people’s false guilt. They take the blacks and make them angry, and then they take the whites and fill them full of false guilt because of what happened 150 years ago. That Devil is a liar. But it works, because fear and hatred, I heard somebody say, it on a do most powerful spirits that you can use to control a people. And they’re spirits. Yes, fear is an emotion. Yes, hatred is an emotion,” Craft continued.

Pastor Craft preached about faith being the key to push back against hate and division.

The invisible world is what’s driving this madness! Hey, we can get rid of Charlie Baker in a day, we’ll get another Charlie Baker 2 tomorrow. We can’t fight this mess in the flesh. We have to understand that our battle is not against flesh and blood. Ok? We think they’re our enemies, but they’re not. Our true enemies are the devil and his Imps and his Principalities and Powers in the invisible world. When people tell you, ah you crazy? You’re preaching, you’re crazy. You believe in something you can’t see. You’ve got faith. Don’t you know preacher that faith is blind? And you tell him, no, faith ain’t blind, babycakes. Faith is not blind. Faith sees the invisible,” Craft stated.

“The Bible says now faith is the substance of what we hope for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith is not blind. I tell him turkeys, have you ever been on an airplane? They say, yes. I say, do you know the pilot by name? I said, but what do you know about the pilot? Well nothing. But you got faith he’s going get you from point A to point B, don’t you? Everybody has faith. The truth of the matter is, where is your faith? And what do you believe in? This nonsense about faith is blind. No, it’s not. Faith sees the invisible world as well as the visible world. Those of us who have faith in the true and living God, those of us who have faith that Him that built the mountains. Him that built that the oceans. Him, that built all his beautiful creation that we see. The Bible tells us in Romans Chapter one, that they are without excuse because they see the creation and because they see the creation, they know in their heart of hearts that there is a creator, because if there is something created that’s got to be somebody who created it. Hello, Somebody! Darwinism doesn’t make sense. It takes a whole lot of faith to believe that nonsense,” Craft concluded.


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