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Biden Snaps, Gives Bizarre Answer to Reporter's Question: 'Give Me a Break,' 'Need Time'

President Joe Biden continues to act weirdly in front of reporters.

While speaking at a news conference on Sunday during the G-7 summit in Cornwall, England, Biden was asked by a journalist how he plans to negotiate with European allies when it comes to sanctions in light of their reported skepticism.

Biden didn’t respond particularly well.

“A hundred and twenty days. Give me a break. Need time,” Biden said.

This sort of bizarre behavior continues to be a feature of the Biden presidency.

As Sky News reported this week, “Questions have been raised about Joe Biden’s ‘mental acuity’ after a series of embarrassing gaffes, and the president’s ‘bizarre response’ to a reporter at a recent press conference.”

At this point, noting doubts about Biden’s mental acuity is akin to underscoring the fact that former President Donald Trump was unpopular with the establishment media.

The difference, however, is that establishment journalists skewered Trump. But they travel to extraordinary lengths not only to ignore Biden’s inability to answer basic questions but to actually sell the public an ideal.

Its members do not view themselves as impartial arbiters of the truth with a constitutionally protected responsibility to hold political leaders accountable.

Instead, they have mistaken their opinions for fact and fancy themselves a special breed of activist, more intelligent than the average American and more influential than the politicians, so long as the public trusts them.

Imagine if this had been Trump sharply refusing to answer questions about his dealings with American allies and then snapping at reporters and ending news conferences.

The truth is that Biden doesn’t have to clue the media in on the particulars of his negotiations with allies. But he could maintain his composure on camera and beg off with a degree of class — so it doesn’t appear to the world, our enemies included, that he’s completely out of his league.

And, for what it’s worth, at exactly how many days in office can we expect Biden to know how long he’s actually been president? (As of Sunday, it was 145 days, not 120 days.)

This is utter foolishness.

We know this because we just had a Republican president.

This meant being force-fed four years of commentary about Trump walking too slowly down ramps or supposedly lying about his height to veil clinical obesity or pretending to sip a glass of wine instead of drinking it or consuming too much Coca-Cola or, according to choice experts, suffering some mental pathology because he puts his surname on buildings.

It was an exercise in treating the important as mundane and the inconsequential as republic-shattering.

Americans need to stop trusting the establishment media.

They need to realize that the media is not interested in holding politicians accountable, but rather forwarding a political agenda.

Part of that means propping up Joe Biden as both an inspiring, transformational statesman and a sentient human.

The evidence continues to mount before our eyes, as does the proof that our media is a farce.

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