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Biden Giving Illegal Immigrants "Advance To A Town Of Your Choice" Cards

Checkout the short clip below of a reporter talking with an illegal immigrant that just came into the country.

The immigrant explains that he just came directly from the border and that border security is driving them to a local gas station where the Greyhound buses pick up.

The reporter asked if he was given any kind of covid test or vaccine or if he had been given any kind of court date and he responds that he hadn't but did show them the paperwork he was given.

The paperwork states that at his own discretion in the next 60 days he needs to report to start his asylum process. 

The illegal immigrants are then getting on greyhounds and flights and heading to a city of their choosing.

This is Biden's plan to handle the crisis at the border. Just let them freely walk through and get on transportation around the country, all while you hear nothing about it in the mainstream media.

Let us know what you think of Biden's new immigration plan in the comments below. 


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  • I want Joe Biden and mayorkas impeached.

    peter lausen

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