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AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Just Started A Petition To DECERTIFY The Election, And Here’s How YOU Can Help!

I am sure you want to see the results of the fraudulent election overturned……

Well, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers recently launched a petition to do just that.

It remains to be seen whether or not the petition will do anything at all, but it’s always worth a try. Even if it’s just to express dissent and vent frustration.

Biden is making America worse day by day, and his mental health is really starting to deteriorate more rapidly.

Here is the link if you are eligible and interested in signing the petition: 

Senator Rogers has also called for the arrest of Maricopa’s Board of Supervisors according to Business Insider:

An Arizona state senator has called for members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to be imprisoned after they condemned the county’s widely criticized election audit and objected to related subpoenas.

“I would like to know if we have enough solitary confinement cells in Arizona available for the entire Maricopa Board of Supervisors and the execs at the fraud machine company,” tweeted Wendy Rogers, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, on Monday. “We are going to need a lot.”

Rogers was referring to the claim that Dominion Voting Systems, whose equipment is used in Maricopa County, helped flip votes from Trump to President Joe Biden.


CBS News recently reported that Maricopa County and Dominion refuse to comply with Subpoenas:

Maricopa County again refused to turn over its routers, citing possible security risks. Thomas Liddy, a county attorney, said that producing the equipment could expose “confidential data belonging to Maricopa County citizens” or make law enforcement’s communications’ infrastructure “extremely vulnerable to hackers.”

Liddy also said that previous audits demonstrated the tabulation equipment was never connected to the Internet and that the county already provided information to prove that.

“Anyone with sufficient knowledge and understanding of elections is able to confirm, through a review of these logs or through an inspection of the tabulators, that the equipment was not connected to the internet and had no wifi devices installed,” Liddy wrote.


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