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9/11 Commission Leaders Issue A Warning To Pelosi

Speaker NANCY PELOSI is calling for a “9/11-style” commission to investigate Jan. 6. But instead of equal representation, Pelosi’s initial recommendation is for the panel to be made up of seven Democratic-appointed members and four Republican-appointed ones.

That would be a mistake, the leaders of the original commission, Kean and Hamilton, told Playbook. Republican voters will never accept the findings if there’s even a whiff of the investigation being driven by Democrats.

“That does not sound to me like a good start; it sounds like a partisan beginning,” Hamilton told us. Kean echoed that, warning that “unless you have equal representation … the report won’t have as much confidence from the American people. It won’t be as reliable.”

Pelosi’s office has said her proposal was only a “discussion draft.” And a Democrat familiar with negotiations over the commission said it’s the GOP that’s playing politics with it, dragging out the process and refusing to commit to a defined purpose for the panel.



House Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY — backed by Senate Minority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL — wants Republicans and Democrats to have the same number of picks as well as equal subpoena authority. (Both sides on the 9/11 Commission had subpoena power, though they chose to operate by majority vote.)

The disagreement doesn’t bode well for the Jan. 6 commission. The idea behind it is to insulate the probe from politics as much as possible in hopes of painting an authoritative and final picture of what happened that day. A definitive account is critical to counter conspiracy theories some Republican voters have latched onto suggesting the riot was caused by DONALD TRUMP’S critics.

It’s reasonable to ask whether a bipartisan commission is even possible in this day and age. Kean, for one, said he’s “very concerned” that “both parties will tend to lean toward people who are partisan” to serve on the panel.

But he hopes the parties will resist that impulse.



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  • Theres plenty of proof out there, just get msm to air it, specially the documentry by millenial millie on the riot, and Mike Lindells Absolute Proof of election fraud , add Sydney Powells evidence and you have a bunch of traitors in DC

  • You make sure you investigate Palosi part in this Riot ..we know

    Richard Hitchcock
  • Can you please remove the old critter from the government. WE know what she has done, we know who she colluded with and we don’t want to hear her or see her whine every time she doesnt get her own way. She is a disgrace to the government. Please set term limits and while your at it remove Schumer and McConnell they are past their prime and ready for retirement in more ways than one. WE have the evidence and will be heard!

  • Get rid of that witch all she does is make trouble. And you can tell she hates trump and the republicans.she needs to be arrested for treason

    Rose Ewing
  • Why hasn’t there been a term limit bill brought up?

    Lewis patton

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