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Pelosi Better Hide The Letter From USCP Chief

Former USCP Chief Steven Sund sent Nancy Pelosi a damning letter filled with evidence that former President Trump had no involvement in inciting an insurrection. That of course isn't going to stop Negative Nancy from her performance.

In a letter sent to Pelosi on February 1, Sund details how they received intel on Jan. 3 that numerous groups were planning on carrying out violent attacks on the Capitol Building but no additional support was provided.

Sund also says that the violent groups were prepared with "weapons, chemical munitions, protective gear, explosives and climbing gear." Multiple people in the crowd were also spotted wearing "radio earpieces" indicting this was a coordinated attack and not incited by Trump.

The letter also states that at previous Trump rallies they have seen very little violence and at no points had anyone stormed buildings. "providing more evidence" 

Sund requested back-up when the Capitol was stormed and Army Lt. General Walter Piatt responded by saying "he did not like the vision of National Guard with the Capitol behind them," and NG was finally sworn in four and half hours after they were requested.

I really hope this letter from Sund finds it's way into the unconstitutional impeachment trial later today. When the USCP Chief is saying they had information three days before the "insurrection" happened and the left is still trying to carry out an impeachment trial, they are the ones that need to be expelled.

When the evidence is presented in trial this week every patriot in congress better hold anyone in this charade fully accountable. For rushing to unconstitutionally impeach a former president while putting it before providing covid relief for businesses they keep shut. 

If they can impeach a former president whenever they want then covid relief should be passed and the American people taken care of before they continue with their political theatre. (Not that this should even be happening anyway)

Directly following the acquittal of former President Trump, articles of expulsion need to be filed against any member that has voted to go along with this game. The "insurrection" will be proven to not be true through a trial and a mountain of evidence, while covid relief will still be weeks away and businesses will still be closed.

The evidence presented to the ethics committees in both the house and senate will be overwhelming and they will be forced to bring the matter to a vote over each congressman. 

If true Patriots stand up and take action we could watch the swamp be flushed in the matter of weeks. Worse case scenario it brings light to the situation and ties up congress for awhile so it slows down the radical left.

Democrat or Republican when it comes out in a few days that this has all been a waste of time and people still don't have a relief check or their business is still closed, Democrat supporters will realize that their party really has put Donald Trump above them again. Wait until that settles in....


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  • Every level of the federal government is corrupt. They have been for a very long time. The global cabal is a difficult network to try and manuever through although when you study your enemies plan you understand real quick what is happening. No one since JFK has tried to take them down; however, Trump did. This is why all the hatred has been spewed at him. The unconstitutional impeachment is/was (it ended today) a dog and pony show meant to show the American people the disdain and hatred these inhumans have for Trump and those that wanna live and let live. We must pray for these brave attorneies whom took this beast on. We must pray for our country and the true dually elected president of our country. Of course the whole world knows who that is, funny how other countries know and understand the election was stolen but the American people dont demand truth. I think we all know the group I’m referring too. The only way to defeat Satan whom is trying to take over the world is the blood of Jesus Christ, prayer and getting involved. We need to get all of the pedophile, devil worshippers out of our government, dismantle the CIA, FBI and DOJ. Start over and then the American people will have to watch closely because the invisible hand of evil is always there.

  • My personal opinion. President Trump is the best president we ever had. And all these Democrats with their scams. We need to get rid of everyone of them

  • Trump did more for this country then any past President has I never thought for a minute he started this break in or enticed it also we the American people are going to lose this great country if the left continue down the path they are heading

    Darrell Foley
  • Trump was the best President we have had in a very long time. I support Trump. The Democrats are wasting our hard earned money that we have to pay taxes on.

  • We the people are getting so very sick and tired of the constant attack on President Trump that has absolutely no merit whatsoever behind it. Sick of them wasting our time and taxpayer dollars for their own political gain. Needless to say, we the people are very pissed off. I for one cannot wait to see them go down big time! If it’s not obvious that this is being orchestrated by China oh, I don’t know what it is.


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