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New York Times Has Changed Their Story On Officer Sicknick

In a report published on Jan. 8., The New York Times cited anonymous sources to claim that Officer Sicknick died from injuries he sustained after being struck in the head by a fire extinguisher during the riot. That original claim, however, has since been discredited.

The article had initially stated that Sicknick died “from brain injuries he sustained after Trump loyalists who overtook the complex struck him in the dead with a fire extinguisher.”

Now reports are coming out that investigators have found no evidence of trauma sustained by blows to the head, and nobody has been arrested in connection to Sicknick’s alleged murder.

Sicknick had actually returned to his job after the Capitol riot, and texted his brother that aside from being pepper sprayed twice, he was otherwise “in good shape.”

According to Capitol police, Sicknick later had a stroke. It is now being investigated whether he inhaled bear spray, and whether that may have contributed to his death.

Why does the radical left think they can use an officers death to push their political agenda? This disgusting behavior can not continue, this is not America!

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