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Maricopa County Board Rejects GOP Election Audit

On Tuesday the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Jack Sellars rejected the request by the GOP state senate to allow them to perform their own audit.

Stating the reason being " the voters have a right to privacy, they go into the voter booth and they pull that curtain behind them and they know their vote is going to be kept private."

The  Board is currently in the process of performing their own audit of the election at the request of the senate. But the senate said enough was enough when the board selected companies that aren't even certified to perform the audit.

How the board figures the companies they have selected to perform the audit won't violate voters privacy but a senate selected company would is really anyone's guess.

There is only one reason why you would not allow the senate to perform their own audit  and that's because the crimes they are guilty of when discovered carry far more weight than blocking a senate lead audit.

The GOP lead senate is looking at how they should move forward but say not allowing the senate to perform their own audit has serious legal consequences for the Board of Supervisors.


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  • Tell the Board of Supervisors that THE PEOPLE reject their silly audit that will tell us nothing!! We demand the Senate do their forensic audit with all machines, ballots and tabulators be examined completely!!!

  • This sounds like old news… what I heard was that the Senate is to begin their audit with their own select group of cyber experts today, Wed 4th Feb

    Dale Guthrie

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