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Gamestop Saga A Pelosi Distraction

In the days leading up to the Gamestop breaking news, many eyebrows were beginning to raise about some stock market investments that Nancy Pelosi was involved in.

A watchdog group revealed Nancy and her husband Paul purchased $1 million worth of call options in the Tesla stock shortly before the Biden administration announced plans to convert the whole government fleet into electric vehicles.

With Biden passing executive orders in his first week in office to make the planned changes, this should be an open and close case for the Ethics Committee, removing Pelosi from the house. But not so fast Nancy says.

Her and the rest of the corrupt government are making every attempt to bury their crimes under the Gamestop frenzy. Just as they did with the riots last year when numerous politicians were found to be profiting off stock market investments from COVID briefings.

Now since Biden has taken office riots would not be their best distraction from the corruption so now the corporate media blasts the Gamestop story every chance they get. 

Nancy and her cronies think they can play magicians with the help of media so they can continue their corrupt ways. That's why articles of expulsion must be filed with the Ethics Committee against all corrupt politicians and removed from their offices.

Contact your state representatives and demand they files these articles against Nancy so she will be held accountable for her crimes. It's time for Nancy to go!


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