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CDC Now Says Teachers Don't Need Vaccine

Things just continue getting weirder and make even less sense with the CCP virus. 

Now the CDC is saying teachers don't need to be vaccinated for schools to reopen. So then why have they been kept closed for almost a full calendar year waiting for a vaccine?

If the china virus is really as deadly as they said it was for the last nine months, how would opening schools and businesses with cases supposedly eight times higher than they have ever been a good idea?

It wouldn't be! But we have known the whole time that schools were safe to reopen because that is what the data and science showed. But the radical left played their games, hindering education, closed businesses and forced parents to decide between their child's education or a pay check.

But now their data is showing exactly what Trump's data showed three months ago? If you believe by vaccinating half the 65+ population ( which isn't even close to the majority of the working class ) magically allowed everything to reopen, I can see why Biden got your vote.

Enough is enough the left waged a war on the Trump administration in a last ditch effort to remain in control of the government at the cost of lives, education and our economy.

These corrupt politicians must expelled from congress and corrupt governors must be recalled immediately. Articles of expulsion must be filed against any politician that puts their political party or themselves before this great nation. 

Thanks to President Trump for bringing a lot of the corruption in Washington to light. Now it's up to true patriots to act with the tools the founders gave us and drain the swamp. 

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