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BREAKING NEWS: Leaked Video Of Zuckerberg, Will He Be Next CEO Stepping Down?

In a newly leaked video between leaders at the social media giant Facebook, they reveal information they definitely didn't want the public to know.

The meeting takes place between a few heads of departments within the company and Zuckerberg himself praises Biden for the executive orders he has signed in his first two weeks.

They also state that they would like every major issue to be viewed through a civil rights scope and they would like to work hand in hand with the new administration.

During which they also say they started their work on censoring certain material in the last 3 to 4 years to maintain election integrity. You know right after the Democrats blamed the outcome of the election on Russian disinformation, which turned out to be a disinformation itself after a federal investigation.

Check out the video below and see everything for yourself . Do you think Zuckerberg will be held accountable?(skip to 11:23 in the video for the clip of the Facebook meeting)

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