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White House Nursing Home Staff Approve Biden's Leave With Adult Supervision

President Biden headed back to Delaware for the weekend for his first trip away from the White House under the direct supervision of Dr. Jill Biden.

Not a even a month into his term and he is already looking to get away and have some relax time and of course the leftstream media is praising Biden's mini vacation. Some media outlets even saying he deserves some time to hit the links if it weren't winter in Delaware. 

Let's be honest Biden hasn't done anything since taking office but sign more executive orders than the last five presidents combined. He has held very few press conferences and met with the "sweet 16" one time. This man has done nothing to "build back better" but talk about how his plan is to "build back better."

While businesses remain closed and no real action taken towards covid relief, it's amazing the leftstream media tries to portray that Biden has had another week of hard work at the White House. Biden is 78 years old and I can promise the man has never had a hard work week in his life.

If you are waiting on covid relief and/or businesses to reopen, how do you feel that Biden has taken no real action to help but yet is flying on Air Force One for a weekend getaway on your tax dollars. But he continues to let congress put impeaching former President Trump before passing covid relief, that he said was priority number one.


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