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Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes To Fund Biden's Dreams


During the 2020 presidential election, then-candidate Joe Biden talked about “building back better” in America. This turned out to be the slogan of his presidential campaign; although, less than 70 days into the current White House administration has shed light on what the current president views as “better.” 

Right now, Biden is on a warpath to essentially end the Senate filibuster, increase the corporate tax rate, give amnesty to illegal aliens, force American workers to join unions, and much more. Meanwhile, all of this is happening as the Democrat president continues to ignore the exhausted and overrun mess of his own creation at the Southern border. 

Meanwhile, it looks like the Biden administration is just warming up. Yesterday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg endorsed the idea of a mileage tax to fund an infrastructure package, as Breitbart News reports. 


The Truth About Biden’s Infrastructure Package

Right now, it is very clear that President Biden believes passing one big package after the next will help America. This is the strategy that the president has employed thus far and it’s also one that he — and his aides — continue(s) to stick with. 

Here’s the thing, though; spending bills cost money. Furthermore, no matter how much Biden talks about taxing the wealthy or increasing taxes on big business, it always trickles down to the American worker. Despite how much Democrats love to punish economic success and wealth, there simply isn’t enough of it to fund all the ridiculously expensive packages Democrats want to pass. 

Disconnected from the American Public 

Many Americans criticized Buttigieg yeseterday. Critics branded the Transportation Secretary as out of touch, additionally noting that Democrats’ talk of a mileage tax will only help Republicans in future elections. 

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