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Secret Service Records: Hunter Biden Took at Least 23 flights Through Joint Base Andrews, Home of Air Force One and Two

Newly revealed Secret Service travel records obtained by Judicial Watch expose more dirty dealings from the Biden family.

According to the logs, then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and the middle of 2014.

That includes 23 flights into or out of Joint Base Andrews, which is where Air Force One and Air Force Two are housed.

These trips, which shed light on Hunter’s involvement with his father, are revealed in Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, which is authored by Breitbart’s Alex Marlow.

Marlow’s book examines how the mainstream media refused to look and/or would not report on any of the explosive news about the Biden families profiting off Joe’s position as the vice president.

Breitbart News reported:

Despite this evidence that there was not an “absolute wall” between Hunter and Joe when it comes to business endeavors, the establishment press has shown little interest in exploring whether Hunter was actually leveraging his father’s power to enrich himself.

In fact, quite the contrary (Hunter logs).

The New York Times, for example, published a story in 2020 portraying Hunter as a skilled artist who was mastering painting. The article, headlined “There’s a New Artist in Town. The Name Is Biden,” un-ironically featured glossy photographs of a relaxed and polished Hunter Biden working away in his studio.

The American public has been told consistently that Hunter Biden is as pure as the driven snow. Joe Biden called his son “the smartest guy I know.” Dr. Jill Biden (Ed.D.) and Joe both expressed confidence that Hunter had done nothing wrong. And, of course, Joe said he thought it was all Russian disinformation. And of course, Facebook and Twitter famously censored bombshell reporting by the New York Post on Hunter Biden that has not been proven to be “Russian” or “disinfo.”

Did any of those in the media who supported the suppression of the Hunter Biden email story investigate exactly where Hunter was going on these trips and with whom? Not as far as I can tell. NBC News, the Washington Post, the Washington Post again, Politico, the New York Times, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, CBS News, CNN, Rolling Stone, Business Insider, Newsweek, USA Today, Mother Jones, Vox, and more all indulged the Democrat disinformation campaign that protected the Bidens and the dishonest tech elite.

Marlow’s argument is that there is clear evidence of Hunter Biden using his father’s position as vice president to rake in millions of dollars.

And other evidence seems to suggest that Joe Biden was more than aware and may have even helped.

Also, why was Hunter Biden flying to and from an American military base?

Where was he going and what did he do when he got there?

The even bigger is is that the U.S. mainstream media knew about most of this or could have found this information if they actually cared enough to look.

They hid and suppressed most of it because they wanted Biden to “win” the 2020 election.

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