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Republicans Offer COVID Compromise


President Biden has said that his top priority is to pass covid relief for the American people. He said he wants to meet with Republicans and Democrats to make that happen. Hoping he can "unify" congress and get them to work together.

The only problem with that is Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) who is part of the "sweet 16" (a bipartisan committee formed to work on covid relief) has said he hasn't spoke with the president on covid relief but that he has reached out and has yet to get a response.

Republicans have offered a comprise to the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill the president is looking to pass, sliming it down to $600 billion with targeted relief. In the Republican bill they match the president with increasing production of the vaccine, distributing the vaccine and development for other variants.

They would like to see a slightly lower stimulus payment of $1000 instead of $1400 and is targeted towards a lower income bracket. Republicans also want to slim down the money geared towards schools that are currently not open and do not plan on opening, saying they have received 110% of their normal funding already.

They also would like to negotiate the $15 per hour minimum wage the president is pushing for. During times that many businesses are struggling to raise the minimum wage would crush many businesses and kill millions of jobs says Sen. Cassidy. 

On Friday, the president said if he can't get Republicans in congress to work with him that congress can use reconciliation to move forward with his bill, essentially cancelling any voice the Republicans have in congress.


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