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Nancy Pelosi's On A War Path

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi took aim at Georgia Rep. Marjorie Greene saying they need more security at the capitol because the "enemy is within".

Ms. Greene is accused of confronting Rep. Cori Bush in a hallway of the building they both work on. Now Rep. Cori Bush is moving her office in fear of Rep. Greene. 

What Rep. Bush did not realize is Ms. Greene was recording a live video on her cell phone when she was confronted by Ms. Bush yelling at her to put on a mask. 

The video shows the entire encounter between the two. Clearly not what Pelosi and Bush are claiming to have happened. 

Greene has found herself on Pelosi's war path because Greene is one of the few true patriots in congress and filed articles of impeachment against President Biden on his first day in office. She is one of the few that stand is opposition to Pelosi and her radical agenda so Greene has been painted as a crazy conspiracy theorist and violent person. 

Nancy as shown time and time again she is not in her position for the American people but for her own financial gain. She is no longer fit to represent the American people and this is why she must be expelled from the people's house. I highly encourage everyone to contact their state representatives and demand articles of expulsion be filed with the committee against Nancy Pelosi.

*Check out the confrontation below and tell us what you think.

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