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Don Lemon Condemned All Trump Supporters To The Klan

Don Lemon on a nightly broadcast recently stated if you voted for Trump you are a member of the KKK. "If you turn to the person next to you and they have a neo-nazi shirt on you support slavery and the klan." If we use Don's same logic, then Don Lemon is a looter, burns state capitol buildings and is actively calling to defund the police. 

Mr. Lemon needs to relearn his history as well because last time I checked the Democrats were the majority of slave owners and also started the KKK. But this is typical behavior from Democrats, point the finger and anyone else they can for the problems they've caused and then if you don't agree they will cancel you off.

*Checkout the short video below of Don call all Trump supporters members of the Klan.

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  • I am not kkk i have 2 beautiful children that I adopted and yes they are black we love them dearly. Who gives you the right to decide what we are I believe I what president Trump did and what he will do ,we are all created equal I will not judge you like you should not judge me .

    Keith potter
  • If that is the case Lemon, then you would be fair game for 84million KKK, think about your words, words can divide or they can bring us together, I guess we know what you have chosen.

    Alzina Kress

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