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Chuck Schumer Is A Disgrace To This Country

Chuck Schumer announced what the Senate will be working on in the coming weeks. His first priority, to unconstitutionally impeach President Trump. Secondly he would like to approve the new administrations cabinet picks and lastly he would like to get COVID relief to the American People.

Chuck was very eager and you could almost see points of glee on his face when he was discussing unconstitutionally impeaching President Trump. Saying " this is the only way to bring this country together, is to hold the President accountable." This impeachment will die in the Senate because there is no jurisdiction to impeach a private citizen. So instead of moving forward and bringing the country together like they preach about they are wasting time on a phony impeachment.

While Chuck and the rest of the radical left play their games, they continue to stall relief for the American people, while they demand the American people keep their businesses closed. Also Schumer stated that "if the Republican colleagues did not want to help their agenda there is other ways they can move their agenda forward". It sounds like "unity" to the left means it's their way or you will be cancelled. This is all within the first week of Schumer as Majority Leader of the Senate, it is going to be a long 2 years.

*Checkout Chuck Schumer discussing his plans for the coming weeks. He even tries to bully the reporters asking questions.

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  • Chuck suckie creepy Joe balls

  • Schumer sucks balls

    Myway Snider
  • I would be interested in a sweatshirt if and when they become available!
    This man needs to ask God for forgiveness. He has no idea what he is doing!

    Tish Hardy
  • He needs to be put in in prrison for treason…no pardon ever….till death do he depart

    Susan coonrod
  • This man needs to step back go down on his knees and ask our Father God for forgiveness. His destination, as I see it, is HELL and living with satan for eternity. He is PURE EVIL FROM THE WORD GO AND EVEN HELL MAY NOT TAKE HIM AND HIS CRONIES and I don’t blame them. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL,

    Linda Peevey

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