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Biden Trying To Block Former President Trump From Receiving Intelligence Briefings

In an interview with CBS on Friday, President Biden said he was considering barring Trump from receiving intelligence briefings if he were to put in a request. Biden used the excuse that Trump can not be trusted with classified intelligence.

One of the post-presidency perks is being able to request briefings on classified intelligence to offer a helping hand or engage in unofficial diplomacy if should needed. Biden would be the first president to block intel from a former president.

If there is anyone that can't be trusted with classified information, it would be Joe Biden. Who's family has ties to Chinese investment companies, per the White House, that invest in... you guessed it, energy companies.

Who's brother just days into the Biden administration was caught using Joe's presidency to profit off a law firm he works for and the kicker... he's not even an attorney. So you can go get law advice from a non-attorney who's brother stole an election. Great!

As well as he himself boasting on camera about how during his time as V.P. he denied Ukraine financial aid unless they fired a certain prosecutor. Who just so happened to be investing the company Joe's son Hunter had business ties with. 

Besides ole Joe not knowing where he is half the time or what the hell he's even saying. This man's actions have clearly shown if there is anyone that can't be trusted with classified information it is Joe Biden. 

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  • I think the more Biden pushes Trump away the more the American people think he has something to hide.

  • Wow! This from a person who has direct ties along with his family to foreign communist who wants to control and destroy America. Then he gets pissed due to Trump wanting to know if we are in utter anialation mode due to his (Bye-din) unintelligent brain mailfunctions. His most ignorant smart son having direct connection to a Chinese spy ( fang fang). I mean isn’t the hill over flowing with CCP already with out them having direct access to our military? This is sad and so disgusting. When will America get the retribution and respect of and to our constitution to the republic? If we as a nation think that this is a productive decision to continue to uphold this most corrupt criminal family as anything but on the verge of destruction, well you are a corrupt as they are! Where do we go when bad is good, right is wrong, lies are truth? How do we get justice being held hostage by this kangaroo government with a corrupt system? With out violence how does a person fix this terrible disgrace and adrigonous disfunction of total melt down of true just honest democracy that we have not had for 100 plus years! Please can anyone help. The courts failure, senator’s failure, ssc failure, honest unbias choice from anyone on capital Hill is a laughing joke! So how do we get justice? Someone better do the right thing for there are many that’s getting antsy and are fearful of waiting what the out come will be! God help us protect us Amen


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