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Biden Puts Oil Industry on Life Support

On Wednesday Dictator Biden signed yet more executive orders. This time his actions were aimed at trying to finish off the oil and gas industry.

On his first day in office Biden killed over 10,000 jobs by stopping the construction on the Keystone pipeline and today he set his sights on ending oil and gas leases.

The oil that is set to flow through the pipeline upon completion is already being transported into the country by train and the demand for oil doesn't dry up because construction of the pipeline is halted. 

Ending the leases on federal land will add to the strain on our already stressed energy industry. Biden has broken every promise he ran on and this will end up costing Americans more out of their wallets, while countries like Russia and China continue to get wealthier from Biden's actions.

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  • Biden is an enemy of America and the American citizens!!! Biden is a criminal and has committed treason against America and the American citizens!!! Biden meets the definition of a Chinese spy!!! He took millions for political favors and hid the fact he was working with China!!!! That alone is called treason!!!


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