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Biden Admin Has No Clue What Their School Reopening Plan Is

Well it seems like the answer to reopening schools depends on who you ask because you get different answers from Psaki, Biden and Harris.

"President" Psaki says schools will reopen one day a week while President Biden says that was what was "reported". (Off topic: isn't it funny how the Democrats was "reported" as evidence in an impeachment trial but now it's just hearsay)

And if you ask "President" Harris you just get to hear her ramble on about only god knows what, but apparently she has been working on this problem for years.

Remember 6 months ago when Biden had this great plan to fight COVID, I sure hope he lets everyone else in on the plan here soon. But if I were a betting man I would bet that Psaki is probably speaking the closest to the truth, seeing how Biden's team had to correct most of the things he said while he was "campaigning". 

Watch the short clip below from The Tatum Report showing the Biden Admin has no idea what the actual plan is and if you aren't following Brandon Tatum yet definitely go check him out.

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  • Each day that passes in a place once known as “America” where we used to legally elect presidents by the actual numbers of REAL votes that were cast by the American people.. is already the biggest DISASTER for our new un-named country as a whole.. and for as long as we allow this fraudulent loser pretending to be an elected leader, and this horrible woman who slept her way all the way to the bottom, as well as the ridiculous, idiotic administration to pretend they’re legally “in charge” of a damn thing, we will continue to suffer exponentially. This was a sloppy, unorganized, clumsy yet somehow effective, MASS FELONY ELECTION/VOTER FRAUD laughably played out in the most bizarre fashion on national tv for all to see. There STILL isn’t 1 single person (of any political party including democRATS) who can look me in the eye and show an ounce of conviction when they answer that “yes, he’s our legal president” .. I hear maybe 1 out of 9 try to sell it to me, yet that conviction is NEVER THERE. We now live in a place, no longer known as “America” where we all allow this racist, corrupt, useless, senile, compulsively lying prick who can’t tie his shoes (let alone remember what state he’s in, what he said a week prior, or anything moral or just..) to GO ON FRAUDING us by pretending he actually won. Between the proven manipulation of the corrupted dominion “voting” software, the endless lies, the censoring by other major media, the secret $500,000,000 “donated” to Biden by facebook, blocking of observers, testimony by 100’s of witnesses, over 1200 sworn affidavits, the 8 other ways they cheated and stole what can hardly be called an “election” and Biden, in all his ignorance, TELLING US ON NATIONAL TV HOW THEY WERE GOING TO CHEAT… this is one for the history books. The fact that it’s being allowed, and the HORRIBLE SMEAR CAMPAIGN against our REAL LEADER that Biden and his team KNEW he could NEVER BEAT… is about the MOST DISGUSTING and horribly illegal and corrupt disaster we’re likely to ever witness in our lifetimes.. ~a disgusted voter / Trump Won…

    ryan paul

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