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AOC Accuses Ted Cruz Of Attempted Murder

I'm sure you have heard recently how the video game retailer Game Stop broke wall street this week. Now while hedge funds continue to trade to try to cover their loses, they have blocked smaller investors from being able to trade.

AOC congresswoman from New York, lashed out at the hedge funds on twitter, saying "this is unacceptable" and Ted Cruz quickly backed her in support. Are we actually going to see the Democrats work with Republicans on an issue?

No, of course not. AOC then lashed out at Ted Cruz, accusing him of attempting to have her killed during the Capitol protests. Time and time again Republicans try to extend their hand and work with their colleagues across the aisle and repeatedly the Democrats refuse. 

*Checkout the short video below of Nick Rekieta breaking down the whole Game Stop story and AOC's tantrum on Ted Cruz.


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  • AOC should be censored!!


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